Should Real Estate Professionals Hire Blogging Ghost Writers – Is it Ethical?

Business blogging is often about marketing, and real estate bloggers are no exception to that. Not long ago, a very successful real estate sales person from Houston, Greg Nino, put forth the question about ghost written blog posts and I must say I completely agree with his work to keep the industry often as he asks;

Is it Ethical to hire a ghost writer for your real estate blog postings?

Well, is it? Hmm? Well, lets consider what’s happening in another industry. We note that the SEC is fully after financial planners who use ghost written eBooks, brochures, and even blog posts promoting their businesses, without disclosing that they didn’t write it. Although I don’t see this being enforced in the Real Estate sales sector yet, folks ought to now abuse that.

As an online writer with well over 20,000 articles online, I’ve been asked previously and have written many location based articles for real estate professionals, but usually hold short if they ask me to write industry specific stuff, because, they need to be doing that themselves, and unless I am sure they will disclose the reality, I just won’t write it. I’ve had folks offer to pay me double the fee, which would amount to something around $30 or so to look the other way – NO CAN DO.

Indeed, I think what burns me up is when they actually put their name on it, because that is fraudulent. As to other comments we know that if the real estate firm where you hold your license is doing all the marketing, and approving what may and may not be on your website, the customer knows it is the firm creating the content, which is fine as I can see it.

Now then, “what if” the real estate professional looks over the article, edits it, makes a change or two, and uses a ghost writer, then this seems ethical. In this way they are approving it, making it their own. Maybe they just “suck” at writing, no one is a expert in everything, or has the time to become the best at all they do, even if one of their goals is to constantly improve in their endeavors.

If we really want to get down to brass tax on this issue, these things must be discussed. If the real estate blogger is dutifully involved in the process but let’s the ghost writer do the bulk and time consuming heavy lifting, then would that be more ethical in your opinion? I mean it seems to be legitimate. It appears that many folks just don’t have it in them to write 500 blog posts, I know it took me a boatload of time to write that many real estate blog posts, and I am pretty good at it, and we need to think about the reality, not everyone is a great writer. See that point?

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